Welcome to the Gewächshauslaborzentrum Dürnast the Core Unit for plant research of the TUM School of Life Sciences

The Greenhouse Laboratory Center Dürnast (GHL) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is an operating unit of the TUM School of Life Sciences.


The core unit GHL Dürnast provides the personnel and technical infrastructure for conducting scientific experiments on plants within the framework of research projects. Thereby, 12400m² outdoor area, 1475m² vegetation hall area and 5275 m² greenhouse area with 1241 m² table area and 2120 m² gutter area are available to the experimenters. Furthermore, smaller experimental units such as plant cultivation rooms and climatic chambers are available.


The GHL Dürnast is available as an experimental facility for teaching especially the plant sciences as well as biology, ecology, forestry, food chemistry and all other departments of the TUM School of Life Sciences or other TUM institutions and serves the bachelor and master programs from these fields.


In addition, research projects take place at GHL in cooperation with commercial enterprises and other research institutions such as LMU and LFL.


The GHL Dürnast was established in 2007 from the greenhouse and laboratory facilities of the former chairs of ornamental horticulture and vegetable production and from the experimental facility of the chair of phytopathology. Since then, the facility has supported scientific plant experiments with its equipment, know-how, and creative and experienced staff to a wide variety of research groups.